Thursday, November 26, 2015

Do you see what I see?

Even though I had merely a couple hours rest, I woke with an immeasurable joy in my heart, the unconditional type, that carries you through the entire day regardless of how it turns out to be. I have been humming this melody ever since I opened the blinds to discover that today is our first official snow day. There is something so breathtakingly beautiful in the beginning of each season, the anticipation and the welcoming of something new is so thrilling to my restless soul...

And as a delightful way to celebrate these glorious snow-days, I'd like to invite you to head down to the main hall of Iulius Mall, Cluj Napoca, and do some early holiday shopping at the Jasmin Blanc booth. You can find my work there (close to Sephora) from 26-28 November from 10 am to 10 pm. Look for lustrous ceramics, I promise to shine! If you are out of town this weekend, don't worry, as you will have another occasion right before Christmas to dive into Jasmin Blanc dishes and jewelry 18-24 December.

I don't do many craft fairs, so these rare occasions are an awesome opportunity for those who prefer retail shopping instead of the online, touching and seeing ceramics in person is an amazing experience from what I understand from my customers. They say that as great as my photos are, nothing compares to actual interaction! So come, see for yourself. I'd love to meet you there!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


We have had the most breathtaking sunsets these past weeks... I cannot remember the last time November was so colorful. But this one managed to endlessly bewitch me. I looked up from my workbench to be dazzled by the fierceness of  the passing sun...

Cinnamon scented thoughts

It starts to be that time of year, when my hands smell like oranges, my oven keeps debating whether to bake the honeyed slices of pumpkin or the cardamom cookies first, the whole kitchen looks like a sweet mess with traces of flour, cinnamon and bits of dried fruit... Despite the extra long working hours, I must confess, I absolutely love this time of year. Almost no sleep is yet again, my best friend, but opening up the kiln to a gloriously lustrous ornament bunch is so much more gratifying than sleeping. I loved Courtney's definition of her pre-holiday weeks. So true... But as the fire joyfully sings in the fireplace, my sweet fury crew is happily sleeping on pillows scattered everywhere, I hastily paint away on cat portrait orders with a calm heart and a joyful soul right into the night. There's no load of work, lack of sleep and tiredness that could make it all feel bitter...

I am continuously overwhelmed by your love and appreciation, my dear customers. Allowing me to be even just a tiny part of your holiday through the Jasmin Blanc ornaments and gifts is pure magic to my heart. I am ever so grateful for your support...

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Change is a funny thing...
Especially the one we feel is taking negative directions.
I think most of us, at some point in our life we've found ourselves in the situation when we seem not to recognize someone around us. We might have thought we knew that person. And perhaps we really did at one moment in time. Or perhaps they never fully revealed their true self to us. And then we feel disappointment and bitterness, because we feel we've been deceived.

This is especially sour in very long friendships or inter-familial relationships. Over long decades you interact with a person on a daily basis. And then you wake up one fine morning, and it turns out not to be such a fine day after all. In fact every day turns out to be so from that moment on.
In the beginning there's struggle. Difficulty to understand the reason behind this change. Then there's pain. A powerful new wound, cut deeper by each new nonsense that we fail to get. Then there is disappointment. When seeing the decay in a person's character, they loose so much dignity that it merely leaves you feeling sick to your stomach....and when you get through this roller coaster of feelings and everything in between, after your rage and confusion have subsided, and after your emptiness slowly regains its mass, you sit and wonder if there is anything you can do. Slowly you will realize that the best action is to distance your expectations of what that person used to be and accept the road their character went down on. Be merry and grateful that you've had the privilege to know the person you once looked up to, and stop expecting them to be as inspiring and have the same integrity they used to have. Our anger often puts a barrier to adopt such an attitude, but it is a process... and processes only require progress, they, by no means, require immediate success.

And above all, what we absolutely need to do is forgive. Forgive them for taking crooked decisions, forgive them for being unrecognizable, forgive them for not being able to cope with the anger that had somehow built up in them over the years, forgive them for not being able to control it and so forgive them for being weak.

Eventually forgive yourself for all the times you were unable to handle it gracefully and forgive yourself for some of the times you were unable to forgive.


the problem is we think too much, and we feel too little...

Friday, November 20, 2015

a winter gift guide

Of all clay bodies I prefer porcelain the most for the purpose of jewelry making. It speaks strength and elegance to me like no other... If it had a gender, it would most likely be feminine. Just like stoneware would surely have to be masculine. 

[mermaid] earrings// [gold bay] studs// [knot] studs// [cobalt waves] ring// [golden geometry] espresso cups// [divine] necklace

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Studio days

Rings, rings and more rings...They are probably my favorite piece of jewelry along with earrings. I made quite a few these past weeks and have not had a single cut or bruise on my hands. I was even surprised about that. Then I was putting a quick salad together for lunch the other day, and for the sake of wounds I ended up cutting my finger along with the tomatoes. Apparently someone had sharpened the knife that used to cut like a stick...

But anyway, I will soon add different color choices for the [STONE] ring to the shop. For now I am heading on to painting some of your custom cat pendants, to ship them as soon as I possibly can to insure arrival by Christmas. I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, over in dreamland...

Monday, November 16, 2015


Oh world, why don't you see that God has nothing to do with all the dark deeds that have happened lately all around the globe...? Why can't you see that your hateful messages and opinions regarding prayer take root in the same point that generated those actions? Why can you not distinguish between fundamental and dogmatic religions and faith, pure as it should be? Why can you not see that active prayer and love is all we truly have and need... to once again act as human beings... together. As one.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

if I had a child, I would...

...teach him that there are negative and positive actions. And each has its consequence. him to love all and frown not on the person but on their behavior.
...teach him not to condemn a whole nation or race based on the actions of a small group. the bible with him and let him contemplate the Scripture. Who am I to proclaim to know what was meant to be written and understood by it?
...teach him the difference between religion and faith.
...teach him not to mistaken prayer with wishful thinking.
...teach him, that a life is a life and none is more prestigious than the other, regardless of whom it belongs. him what love is.
...forbid him to grab a weapon in the name of (someone's)good to fight the wars of the selfish.
...encourage him to seek justice not with his fists, but with his heart. hard each and every minute of my life at showing him that answering hatred with love is the only way to bring change about.

If I had a child, I would stand by as his heart got broken by all the cruelty that is going on in this world, but I would stay calm at the certainty that I taught him everything he needs to put the pieces back together and be able to trust and love again instead of contributing to creating even more hatred.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Two for Thursday

I'd trade nice fingernails in for working with metal any day. So much for ladylike hands... but I wouldn't have it any other way.