Monday, June 4, 2012

London Arts and Craft Fairs

I wish I had the chance to write before, but everything was so last minute, that I didn't have any time to blog about it, except for tweeting it... (because I'm on twitter now)!

I spent the weekend participating at two fairs, the Vintage Tea Party and Gift Fair at the Boogaloo, a great pub with amazing music, and the Jubilee Street Party and Vintage Fair at the Chequers. It's weird funny, because I feel like I'm at the beginning of my little creative business, as I went back to doing all of it as just a hobby. I mean, I didn't actually do that, but it feels like I did. Starting over used to be fun for a while in my life, now I just want to have something constant, not dull. I don't want routine! But I want things to fall into track. An exciting track. But one that has a direction. Even if that direction remains partly unknown to me...

The fairs were fun though, and meeting new people is always a pleasure! And one thing I treasure a lot is customers leaning over my stall to curiously admire my work... Their smiles and nice words mean so much to me!

So here's to many more 'art fairs' to come and here's to the half unknown direction I have been longing for...



  1. I am so happy that you are in the fairs also there, i wish you more and more fairs to participate and good luck. a big kiss from Cluj;)

  2. We'd love you to come to have a stall with us again at at The your products - so gorgeous!! Hope you are well!

  3. Oh I'd love to Susanna, but I am leaving London for a couple of months. I will make sure to contact you when I get back though :) Thanks for the invitation! :)


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